Preview of the Cheatsheet showing it is a book with multiple pages. It has the text alongside it: Checklist. 11 Black Friday Offers You can create quickly.

11 Black Friday Offers You Can Create Quickly

Do you want to do something for Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) but not sure what? Here are 11 ideas for Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers you can quickly create to generate sales and new leads!

Tidy up Your Social Media Profiles (Challenge and Checklist)

When you have a bunch of social media profiles, it’s easy for them to get out of date. It could be small things that have since changed or maybe they’re still promoting leftover promos from past launches, or maybe you have profiles that you once created that are still empty with the hope that you’ll … Read more

Get Back to Business After a Break

Has it been a while since you last worked on your business and you’re wondering how to get back into it? Or maybe, you’ve put a project or part of your business on hold and you want to pick it up again but you’re not sure where to start. I recently took a few weeks … Read more

Learn Webflow

Webflow lets you create visually stunning websites with absolutely no code. It’s similar to SquareSpace in that it also looks after hosting your website for you. But unlike SquareSpace, which needs some understanding of coding to make unique designs, Webflow has a powerful visual editor which is highly customisable. Webflow’s own learning resources are excellent. … Read more

Learn Bubble Apps is one of the most popular and powerful no-code apps. It lets you create interactive, multi-user web apps for desktop and mobiles without any or little code. However with great power, also comes complexity. Bubble has a lot of learning resources on its site, which cover so much of what you might want to … Read more