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Your Content, Your Empire
2021 Live Round

Led by Hailey Dale, Your Content Empire

Your Content, Your Empire is a mentorship & online program for online business owners where you’ll learn how to consistently create your blog, newsletter, social media and other forms of content regularly and transform them into an automated sales system.

Early Bird discount (save $500)
ends midnight Tuesday US PST time

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Kieran Ball

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Sonia Sokhi

Comprehensive guide for complete beginners in no code

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Kim Goulbourne

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Bram Kanstein

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Fearless Freelancer Small Business Money Skills

Hadassah Damien

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Kat Elizabeth

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Jay Crisp Crow

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Caleb Wojcik

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Budgeting basics

Inspired budget

Teaches you the basics of envelope budgeting. Comes with printables, templates + debt tracker

First Step to Famous

Brand Builders Group

Understand what makes you unique and package up your expertise for a wider audience

How to Build a Shopify Store

Adi Purdila

How to build a Shopify store and customise the look and navigation

Creating a Clean & Simple Website with Webflow

Jan Losert

Create a website, homepage and blog