About BrillUp

BrillUp’s mission is to help indie creators and experts level up their business and work through online courses (and resources) by other indie creators  🚀

Discover online courses that are as unique as you are 🦄

BrillUp helps you discover unique, hard to find online courses by independent creators. We help you find courses that fit your unique needs and we help brilliant course creators get discovered without having to be good at marketing.

We are passionate about supporting indie course creators.

We believe everyone can teach something that is valuable to others. We started BrillUp because the best online courses we’ve taken weren’t by famous celebrities. They were courses that we stumbled on by creators who cared about who they could most help.

We want to help more indie experts create courses and get connected with the people that they can most help. 💕

BrillUp Bundles

To help make it more affordable to discover brilliant courses and resources (and to help indie creators get discovered), we’re curating awesome value bundles → check out the Bundles page for details on our upcoming bundle.

And let us know if you’d like to be a contributor or affiliate! Or if you just know a brilliant course or resource that you’d love us to feature…



Catherine is an educator and researcher in independent work and expertise development. She is obsessed with online courses, side projects and helping other independent creators!


Andrew is in charge of operations and analytics. He has a background as a researcher and data analyst with expertise in evaluation and education.