Make this year
the Year of You

Smash your boundaries and own your brilliance

Step Up
and Shine

Planning System + Playbook

Year of You is a planning system and playbook designed to help you identify and achieve your most brilliant goals (we call them Star Goals!)

Year of You Planner and Playbook displayed in an IPad

You have big goals.
You want to make a meaningful and positive difference to the world.

But you're not having the impact you want.

CreatE a PLAN and A System To SHINE

The Year of You is a digital (and printable) planning system and playbook that helps you:

Get clear on your sources of brilliance

We do an in-depth stocktake and audit of your brilliance inventory to remind you of your awesomeness and identify how you can keep growing.

Identify your Star Goal that you will focus on

You’ll identify your biggest Star Goals (these are your most brilliant, boundary shattering goals) and choose one to focus on to make this year your Year of You.

Know your Top Priorities

What else is important? You'll identify everything you need to pay attention to this year so that you can be confident that nothing important is getting lost.

Develop a strategic action plan to achieve your star goal and grow your brilliance

Don't leave your Year of You up to chance! Step into being the CEO of your Year of You (we'll even develop a custom job title just for this) and strategically shine!

Set up a system and schedule to turn your goals into actions every day

It's not enough to know your goals. We help you develop a system (based on our 90 Day Action Cycle) and create a schedule so you are taking strategic action to turn your dreams into reality every single day.

Year of You Planner + Playbook Features

Interactive Workbooks

The Year of You Planner + Playbook is delivered as a set of interactive PDF workbooks that you can use completely digitally or you can print out if you prefer pen and paper

Step by Step Guidance

We take you through setting up your strategic plan and action system with clear step by step instructions and exercises

Planning Sheets

You’ll get PDF Planning Sheets that you can make copies to fill in digitally or print out as many times as you want

Start Anytime Planning System

The Year of You planning system is undated so it can be used anytime in the year. You can start whenever you want!

You can also use the planner for any year in the future. It’s a system that you can continue to use year after year to do your best work and share it with the world.

10 Interactive Workbooks

Our interactive workbooks give you step by step guidance and exercises to set up your Year of You plan and system. You can complete these workbooks entirely digitally or print them. They are downloadable in open PDF format so you can choose!

US $97

30 day guarantee

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied, you have up to 30 days from purchase to get a full refund! So there’s no risk. Sweet. 😎


Got questions? Here are some answers

The Year of You Planner + Playbook is delivered completely online. You will need a computer, an internet connection and access to email. You’ll receive details on how to access the course materials in your welcome email after purchase.

The main Planner + Playbook contents are delivered as downloadable interactive PDFs. These can be printed if you prefer writing by hand.

You can download the Year of You Planner + Playbook as an interactive PDF that you can personally use for as long as you want. 

You will be able to access the support course for a year after purchase.

No, 1-1 support is not included. We may run bonus group support sessions, but this is at our discretion.

No, because Year of You is a system not a calendar. The planning sheets are undated so you can start anytime and use this system year after year.

You will learn how to set up your own system that you can use again and again to get clear on your most important goals and strategically grow your brilliance.

YES! If you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all (hey, maybe you don’t like the fonts I’ve used), you have up to 30 days from purchase to get a full refund.

Great! We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at