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Get over US$450+ in Notion templates & resources for your business for just US$25! 🤯

Plus special discount codes for awesome Notion based tools!

This bundle includes super useful templates, courses, resources, and tools for independent business owners, freelancers, professionals, consultants, coaches, course creators, and anyone looking to level up their business and their work with Notion.

Over 20 indie creators have come together to offer you this special deal. 💥

If you were to get each of these products individually, it would cost over US$450… 😱

But we’ve worked out a deal with the creators so you can get it all for only US$25! 😍

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Over US$450+ Templates, Courses, Resources

Plus Brilliant Discounts on Useful Apps

From 20+ Indie Creators


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Bonus Workshop: Notion Newbies

Bonus Workshop


If you’re completely new to Notion then we’ve include a bonus live Workshop (which will be recorded) where you’ll learn how to get started with Notion and how to use the templates in the bundle. 🎉

There are over 20 creators involved adding up to a total product value of over US$450 (not including app discounts) 🤯

And you can this all for just US$25

But be quick! This bundle is only for sale until 6 September… then it disappears!

This Deal is Now Over

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Who is organising this bundle?

Hi 👋 I’m Cathy and founder of BrillUp. My background is in education, research and web development.

At BrillUp, our mission is to help brilliant indie business owners and experts grow their businesses with affordable online courses and resources.

We curate value bundles that make it easier for indie business owners to discover brilliant courses and resources while helping participating creators get discovered and build their reach.

Join us in our mission to support indie creators and grow your business today!

🤔 Questions? We got Answers!

No, we do not share your email with any contributor – you only sign up for what you’re interested in. You get to choose!

Contributors get new people join their list who are interested in what they do!

It’s hard as an indie creator to find your people – advertising is expensive and most of us are experts and makers, not marketers. Bundles like Notion Genius help indie creators get discovered and supported! 💜

At BrillUp, we’re on a mission to get talented indie creators discovered by more people who they could help.

Yes! Notion is very simple to use (though it can be extended in powerful ways) and this is a great starter kit that will show you ideas and approaches for how you can use Notion to improve your business and productivity.

Jo Lodges’s database workshop that’s included is perfect for beginners and she’ll be going through 5 databases that you can create in Notion which will give you a good introduction to it.

And we’ve added a BONUS Notion Newbie workshop for complete beginners to get started in Notion and use the templates in the bundle! 🎉

You have 30 days (until 6 October, midnight Pacific time) to sign up for the products and discounts that you want.

We don’t offer refunds on the bundle because of the nature of the product.

Yes we do! Get 30% of any bundle sale from your link. Click here to apply to be an affiliate.

Please reach out if you have any more questions: