Learn Squarespace

Squarespace is a publishing platform that makes it really easy to create good looking, professional websites. It’s particularly popular with designers, artists and other creatives with its out-of-the-box beautiful templates. However, if you want to create your own themes or do more personalised customisations, then the learning curve is much steeper. Fortunately, there are lots of courses and resources to help you. We’ve picked some of our faves below…

Squarespace Help Videos

A good place to start is Squarespace’s Help Videos. They have short video tutorials that will walk you through starting and managing your Squarespace website as well as additional tips and tricks to get the most out of your site.

Squarespace Circle

Squarespace Circle is a free membership that Squarespace runs themselves to help people build their web design businesses. The only catch is that you need to have set up 3 active websites in your Squarespace account. If you’re eligible, joining Squarespace Circle will give you access to expert guides, a community support forum where you can get your development questions answered and learning and networking events.

Create Your Business Website Without Code Using Squarespace – Website By Tonight

Jared Gold from WebsiteByTonight.com has made his beginners’ Squarespace course freely available on YouTube. The course goes step-by-step as he works with a real life client to create and launch a website. There are additional support materials that can be downloaded if you sign up with your email.

Squarespace Express – Kerstin Martin

Kerstin Martin is a leading Squarespace expert. In this course, you’ll learn how to create and launch your website in two days so you can start on Saturday and have your site ready to launch by Monday. It’s a great way for complete beginners to quickly get a professional Squarespace site up and running.

Squareone – Squarestylist

Rache at Square/Stylist designs and sells gorgeous Squarespace templates. She has developed a range of micro-courses to help Squarespace designers improve their skills and learn how to do specific techniques.

Squareone is her free CSS Basics Course that gives you a guided introduction into how to works with CSS in Squarespace to empower you to start customising your own template designs rather than being stuck with someone else’s.

Custom Code Academy – Becca Harpain

Custom Code Academy helps you develop your confidence and mastery of working with Squarespace CSS code. It’s pitched at beginners so you don’t need to know anything about CSS (or even what that is!) beforehand. It also includes monthly Q+A sessions and a supportive Facebook group.

PixelHaze Academy

PixelHaze is a membership site with an annual subscription that gives you access to a growing training library to help you develop your web development skills – with a focus on Squarespace. Membership also gives you access to PixelHaze’s Squarespace plugins and discounts.

Customization Geeks Club – Thirty Eight Visuals

The Customisation Geeks Club is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. It includes training, resources and a private Facebook support group to get you confident with customising the code of any Squarespace site.

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