Join Course Co-working + Office Hours

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Virtual Co-working to Help You Ship Your Course!

BrillUp’s mission is to help you grow + share your expertise, so we’re inviting you to create with us!

We’re going to busy with course creation and marketing for our 10 Days of Deals, so we thought that we’d open it up so we can help support you getting your courses out too!

As extra encouragement, we’ll be featuring a selection of courses in the BrillUp marketplace + newsletter!

For two weeks from Monday 4 Oct to Friday 15 Oct, we’ll be doing regular co-working times for two types of sessions:

Course Creation Co-working Sessions with integrated Office Hours.
These sessions will start with a 15 minute Office Hours session where you can get feedback on your next steps for creating/shipping your course. Then we’ll do silent co-working sessions on creating/updating/shipping your course. There will be breaks and time at the end to debrief and get additional feedback.

Sales and Marketing Co-working Sessions
This is dedicated time to work on any sales and marketing tasks for your business (it’s okay if it’s not just course related!). We’ll start with 5-10 minutes to set goals and then co-work for the rest of the hour to get those sales and marketing tasks DONE!!

Sessions will run daily Monday – Friday. You can drop in any time and you can attend as many sessions as you like!

How to Join

To access these co-working sessions, fill out the form below to join the BrillUp Club. You’ll also get our newsletter of awesome curated courses by other independent creators and fab resources to help you level up your digital business and profile. It’s totally free!


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Already a BrillUp Club Member

If you’re already a BrillUp Club Member and looking for the co-working details page, go here to access it (the password should have been emailed to you but contact us if you haven’t received it or you’d like us to resend it).