Learn how to create good looking slides for workshops, presentations, pitches and anything else that you need slides for!

Do you wish your slides looked better but not sure where to start?

As an educator and a researcher for the past decade, I’ve had to create a lot of slides for talks, presentations and trainings!

And I’ll be honest, there was a time that I used to dread making slides. I had no idea what I was doing and it all just looked a bit ‘blah’.

But then I started developing a slide design system. I analysed what made me think other slides were attractive and identified patterns and techniques. I compiled tools, images and fonts that worked.

Now I love making slides! And what I discovered was that this new found ease also transferred over into making it easier to create the slide’s actual content. If I had a clear and attractive slide template, it was much easier to outline and create the content.

In this recorded training, I will share my slide design system and resource toolkit so you too can make better looking slides!

In this recorded workshop, you will: 

Identify your preferred slide look + create a style guide to keep your slides consistent

Create your foundational slide arsenal of the most common slide formats you’ll need

Learn techniques and tricks to create cohesive and attractive slides

Get confident on how to use colour, fonts, graphics and layouts to make your slides stand out!

Bonus: How to use your slides to make creating content a breeze

You’ll also receive a workbook and a toolkit of tools, image and font sources that you can use to upgrade your slides.

Workshop Details

This workshop was held live on 27 October 2021.
You will get access to a replay of the live workshop (103 mins) as well as the slides, PDF workbook and toolkit of resources.
This will be accessible through a learning dashboard after registration.

Who is this for? 

This workshop is for anyone who has to create presentation slides for whatever reason. We’ll be discussing general principles and resources so it doesn’t matter what presentation software you use (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc).

Any further info/questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


BrillUp Founder and Instructor

Catherine Raffaele is an award-winning educator and founder of BrillUp. She has taught other educators in a Masters of Education and is an expert on independent professional learning.