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Smash your boundaries, own your brilliance and shine on a bigger stage

1. Get a 30+ page Mini-Planner to help you create your Year of You plan.

2. Included are a system of planning sheets that you can use any time in the year, in any year.

3. Get extra support to create your Year of You plan with a free 5 day email course.

We'll cover...

👉 DAY 1: Choosing Your Star Goal for the Year 🦄

👉 DAY 2: Identifying Your Key Metric for Your Star Goal

👉 DAY 3: Identifying what else is important

👉 DAY 4: Choosing Your Year of You Words

👉 DAY 5: Putting together Your Year of You 360 Plan

By the end of this mini-course, you’ll have set up your Year of You 360 Plan to create your Year of You!

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