Learn how to shortcut your way to writing (and finishing!) your educational or informational book because the world needs your brilliance!

Do you want to write a book but think it will be too much work? 

Or have you been trying to write a book but are struggling with getting it finished?

Writing a book doesn’t have to be so hard or take so long!

In the past, I’ve used the standard way of writing a book: outline it and then tackle section by section in a word document 

And it took ages!

So much so that most of my ideas are still just that – ideas – because I don’t have the time and energy to write for hours.

With my current book, I tried a really different approach using prototyping and workshops to write it.

I was surprised how much quicker, easier… and way more FUN 🥳  the whole process has been.

I want to share my lazy way of writing books with you so you can finally write your book and share your expertise with the world!

In this practical workshop, we’ll cover: 

My exact process that I used to write my book easily, quickly and with a whole lot more fun!

One key app (this may surprise you) that will dramatically speed up your book writing

How to use prototyping + workshops to write better books in way less time

Tips and tools to become a confident writer

Identify your strengths to create your own LAZY Book Writing Plan

Also included is a workbook with exercises to help you shortcut your way to writing your book!

Workshop Details

This workshop was held live on 27 October 2021.
You will get access to a replay of the live workshop (76 mins) as well as the slides and PDF workbook.
This will be accessible through a learning dashboard after registration. Access is provided for at least 6 months.

Who is this for? 

This workshop is best suited for anyone wanting to write an educational or informational book (e.g. a book that helps you learn how to do something or improve something). It’s not directly suited for fiction writing or creative non-fiction (e.g. biographies).

Any further info/questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


BrillUp Founder and Lead Educator

Catherine Raffaele is an award-winning educator. She has taught other educators in a Masters of Education and has developed programs for startup communities. She’s founder of BrillUp, a platform to discover brilliant online courses.

She has written multiple ebooks, including her latest (which this workshop’s process is based on) on creating your own EPIC Expert Methodology.