Download your free Course Experience Canvas

The Course Experience Canvas gives you a simple framework to design your course with your learner and their learning journey at the heart of the experience that you deliver. It will help you to brainstorm, identify and easily iterate on the key parts of your course design to create courses that make a real difference to your learners’ lives.

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    Design Your Course Experience

    The Course Experience Canvas helps you to quickly sketch out your course experience and how it supports your learner and their learning journey. You can then more easily see what’s needed and if there are any issues or opportunities for improvement.

    Quickly create a Compass for your Course

    The Course Experience Canvas is designed to be completed in 30-60 minutes and once you’ve completed it, you will have a map and a compass to guide your course creation.

    Instructions Included

    Included with your copy of the Course Experience Canvas is an 8-page instruction booklet to get you using your canvas quickly!