Learn WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is used to run around a third of the world’s websites. It was originally focused on blogging, but has since expanded to supporting websites in general and even eCommerce (often through plugins for more functionality).

There are two main ways to deploy WordPress:

  • You can install WordPress for free if you have your own hosting. This is available from https://wordpress.org/ so is often referred to as “wordpress dot org”.
  • Or you can have WordPress host your site, either free or you can subscribe to a premium plan for more features. This service is based at https://wordpress.com/ and referred to as “wordpress dot com” to differentiate it from the “dot org” self-hosted version.

Most of the courses below are for the self-hosted (dot org) version.

Learn WordPress – WordPress.com

This is a simple intro to using the hosted version of WordPress at WordPress.com. The hosted version of WordPress doesn’t offer the same level of customisation that the self-hosted (dot org) version so it’s great for beginners to learn how to use the main WordPress interface (you can always transfer your website to a self hosted version later).

WordPress for beginners – Yoast

Yoast has been a leading WordPress plugin creator since the early days of WordPress, so they do they know their stuff. While their full training subscription is paid, Yoast makes their introductory content (around 3 hours of videos with supporting PDFs and quizzes) free to access. This covers creating and maintaining a WordPress site as well as the basics of SEO so it’s a lot if you’re new to WordPress.

The Tao of WordPress – Jeff Starr

This book walks you through core WordPress concepts and processes in a very easy to read style and format. It covers how to install and configure your WordPress website, creating and publishing content, as well as installing themes and plugins to extend your website. It’s a great introduction if you’re a complete beginner.


WP101 is a subscription based tutorial site focusing on WordPress skills, with monthly, annual and lifetime passes. It has a free trial and each course starts with free videos so you can get a taste of their style to help you decide if you want to sign up to a paid plan.

It’s a great choice for a complete beginner, with options to extend your WordPress capability with more intermediate skills, like using site builders and ecommerce.

WP Apprentice

WP Apprentice has monthly and six-month subscription passes that give you access to all their courses. Their focus is on taking WordPress beginners to the level that they can competently manage their own WordPress site. Its course library includes courses on Search Engine Optimisation, eCommerce and creating a website for your business.

Up and Running – WPShout Courses

This course is an excellent introduction to WordPress development by the editors of WPShout – a site that publishes free articles and tutorials for WordPress developers. This course is paid and there is an option to add group training and personalised feedback. If you’d like a free taster of their content, check out their introductory tutorial on learning WordPress Development.


WPSessions is a membership site for more advanced WordPress training. It’s focused on improving the skills of WordPress developers with new sessions added to the available training library every month. Presenters are drawn from leaders in the WordPress ecosystem to ensure cutting-edge knowledge.

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