Learn Webflow

Webflow lets you create visually stunning websites with absolutely no code. It’s similar to SquareSpace in that it also looks after hosting your website for you. But unlike SquareSpace, which needs some understanding of coding to make unique designs, Webflow has a powerful visual editor which is highly customisable.

Webflow’s own learning resources are excellent. Webflow University is a brilliant source, not just for learning how to use Webflow, but for designing gorgeous and effective websites. If you’re new to Webflow a good place to start is the Webflow 101 crash course. Other highly recommended courses are the 2021 design portfolio course and the Ultimate web design course.

While Webflow’s own courses are awesome, they do require you to be self-directed and there’s not a lot of chance for feedback and support. Fortunately, there are a number of independent courses that can give you different perspectives and some have more customised support.

Build a Full Site in Webflow – Design+Code

This free course has 14 modules so it’s far from lightweight! It teaches you how to create a high-converting landing page with advanced interactions, ecommerce payments and a content management system.

Creating a Clean & Simple Website with Webflow – Jan Losert

In this free course of 24 videos, Jan walks you through creating a website, including creating a homepage, a page for collecting emails and a blog.

Learn to Build Websites without Code in Webflow – KreativePro

The instructor, Neftali Loria is an award-winning creative director and passionate no-code advocate. In this course, he teaches you Webflow’s core features, advanced layout and style properties, and how to jazz things up with animations  – all without a single line of code! The course is available to purchase by itself or as a lifetime bundle that includes KreativePro’s other courses.

Webflow Basics – learnux.io

Experienced designer Greg Rog runs this beginners course that gets you creating a static one-page site with a focus on understanding the fundamentals of layout. The course is membership based and gives you access to all of LearnUX’s courses.

Webflow Advanced – learnux.io

Following on from Greg Rog’s Webflow Basics course above, this course teaches you how to create more advanced websites that are dynamic and database-driven.

Super Webflow Bootcamp – Supercreative

This 5-week course aims to help you build your creative project by mastering Webflow. It’s intended for creators, entrepreneurs and freelancers and teaches you how to make a number of different types of websites and web apps.

It’s not for complete beginners and it’s expected that you will know how to publish a basic website in Webflow already. Fortunately, Supercreative also have a free basic Webflow course to get beginners skilled up.

You can sign up immediately for the self-study version or add yourself to a waitlist for the live cohort class.

The Webflow Masterclass – Flux Academy

Ran Segall runs a popular YouTube channel teaching Webflow. The course gets you building a fully functional website with personalised feedback from Flux Academy experts. There are 12 course of step-by-step video content.

It is currently closed, but you can sign up for a waitlist to find out when it opens again.

Webflow for Teams – Edgar Allan

The Webflow for Teams course teaches you how to set up and manage a structure and processes to work with others in Webflow. Even if you’re not in a team, this course will teach you good practices to set up your Webflow workflows.

SEO and Webflow – Pait Academy

This course teaches you Search Engine Optimisation in particular relation to Webflow. It includes 8 modules on learning and executing SEO (even if you are a beginner), with a 6-month SEO checklist and an option for becoming certified by Paid Academy.

Courses in Development

These courses are currently being developed at the time of writing this article – but you can sign up to be notified when they launch.

Webflow Intensive – Nocoloco

No-code experts Experian run Nocoloco, a platform for empowering makers to launch with no-code. They are creating an 8-week cohort-based intensive course to master designing no-code websites and web apps using Webflow. The cohort starts June 2021 and you can sign up to a notification list.

From WordPress to Webflow – Dave Foy

Dave Foy is a talented web development teacher. He used focus on WordPress but has moved to Webflow. He is now developing a course to help WordPress users switch to Webflow.