Learn Personal Branding

Some people have no trouble talking themselves up, but many others find it about as fun as having their teeth pulled out. For some reason we have no trouble promoting the achievements of people we know, but when it comes to our own abilities and achievements we start squirming. 

These courses will help you develop your personal brand and get more confident with sharing it with the world.

Personal Branding Blueprint – Lyn Morton

Rather than a bunch of slogans and rah-rah attitude, this ebook course gives you a numbered action plan with instructions to build the components of your personal brand. Teacher Lyn Morton is also a photographer, so he really understands the importance of photos and has included a practical guide on how to do and use them. He also offers a free brand audit, that asks you to answer 10 questions to work out how your personal brand is currently perceived.

First Step to Famous Course – Brand Builders Group

Branding agency the Brand Builders Group offers this free short course to help you understand what it is that makes you unique, position your personal brand and package up your expertise for a wider audience.

Personal Branding – Social Media College

Social Media College’s personal branding course specialises in how to use social media to boost your profile, with special emphasis on LinkedIn.

Personal Branding for Career Success – Jane Jackson Careers

This course offers lifetime access to materials and an accountability group. Facilitator Jane Jackson is also a LinkedIn trainer with a background in PR.

The Ultimate Brand + Website Guide – Nasya Acosta Smith

Nasya Acosta Smith takes personal branding to the next level and shows you how to leverage it for your business and building an audience. She gives an extremely detailed guide for what to do each step of the way.

The Personal Branding Project – Kat Elizabeth

Kat Elizabeth spends a lot of time doing customer profiling to work out how best position your personal brand. She does this by creating personas based on psychology rather than demographics. Her agency the Personal Branding Project also offers other personal branding resources, including coaching.

Introduction to Personal Branding – University of Virginia

Personal branding is a relatively new concept that grew out of marketing agencies, but sometimes it’s interesting to see what happens when professional educators turn their hand to training it. This free course from offered by the University of Virginia on Coursera breaks personal branding down into a “construction project” made up of component parts that they methodically explain how to build.

Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding – State University of New York

This Coursera course from SUNY takes a relatively traditional marketing approach to personal branding, asking you to consider yourself your own CEO. It’s also part of their Career Brand Management Specialisation, if you want to keep going with your study.

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