Learn No-Code

Why Learn No-Code?

Once upon a time, if you wanted to create an app, you had to know how to code. With the introduction of no-code tools and platforms, this is no longer a requirement.

No-code tools help you to quickly – and without knowing how to program – create web and mobile apps. Some will even help you create apps that can be published through the Apple AppStore or Google Play store. Like Bubble, Thunkable, Adalo, Softr and Glide.

But no-code tools are not just for apps, they can also help you create websites – from simple good looking one page sites with Carrd to showstopping showcases with Webflow.

They can help you launch your next ecommerce empire using no-code apps like Shopify and Squarespace.

They can help you get your information organised like Notion and Coda. Or supercharge your work with automations like Zapier and Integromat.

But all because you don’t have to code to use these tools, it doesn’t mean that there is no skill involved! The more powerful these tools have become, the more their learning curves have also grown. It’s also a skill to even know what is possible with no-code and what the general principles and techniques are.

These courses and resources will introduce you to no-code and help you become a more confident no-code creator.


No-code courses

No code Beginners guide

This is a simple but comprehensive guide (built with a no-code tool: Notion) for anyone who is new to no-code and wants to enter this space.

Launch MBA

Launch MBA’s guiding principle is that we learn best by doing. Over 12 months, you’ll be supported to create and launch 12 products using no-code tools to speed up the process. The best part of the program is the extremely supportive and close-knit community – they have an active Slack community to celebrate wins and work through challenges plus weekly online accountability sessions. Launch MBA will not only help you learn no-code skills but actually create and ship no-code products!

Launch MBA enrols in cohort batches but applications stay open so you can apply at any time.

How to Make an App

This course created by award-winning designer and developer Kim Goulbourne teaches you the process to go from an idea to publishing an actual working app. You don’t need to have a coding background as the course is geared to those who are not programmers and goes through no-code options. However, unlike other no-code courses, it also introduces coding options so you can decide if you want to learn to code or hire a developer.

No-Code MVP

This course teaches you how to build 6 different types of no-code apps as well as teaching you a practical framework to create and test Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to find ideas that work. It includes a private community.

No Code MBA – Courses and tutorials to learn nocode

No Code MBA teaches you how to build apps and websites without code. It includes step-by-step tutorials to create different types of no-code apps (including Product Hunt and Tinder clones), a community and support. It’s a membership-based course with monthly and annual plans available.

Nocodify Program

This program is self-paced hands-on action that steps you through creating a Twitter-like web app without code.


Makerpad aims to help you develop the skills to build and operate businesses without code. Makerpad membership includes access to an extensive library of tutorials and resources, access to discounts as well as an active community of no-code makers – in fact, it’s one of the largest educational communities for no-code (if not the largest).

Makerpad is currently an annual membership – though lifetime memberships are available to purchase. You can get started for free and then upgrade to a premium membership.

Note that Makerpad was recently acquired by Zapier (one of the biggest no-code platforms) so there’s always the possibility that the membership structure may change in the future.

Nocode HQ

Nocode HQ includes tutorials and a learning community. It has a free membership (which includes community access) and the option to upgrade to a premium membership for unlimited access to courses as well as monthly no-code templates to help you create your no-code projects quicker.

Zeroqode Lab

Zeroqode are a no-code agency that have created templates to kickstart no-code projects. They also run Zeroqode Lab which provides in-depth tutorials on creating functional no-code apps – for example, creating a Yelp-like community app. They mostly focus on using Bubble as the no-code tool. You can sign up as for a monthly or lifetime membership.


Buildcamp includes tutorials and a community to support you to build your next web application without code.


Codeless has tutorials to help you automate common tasks in your business without code. Many of the lessons are free with an option to upgrade to access more lesons in the future.

The No-Code Startup

The No-Code Startup is an intensive 12 month program that includes live weekly coaching and mentorship, step-by-step program, online lectures, discounts for no-code tools and access to a community.


No-code resources

In addition to specific courses, here are some resources that can help you in your no-code ambitions.

Directories of no-code resources

  • NoCodeList – general directory of no-code tools and resources
  • Nocode Essentials – directory of no-code resources
  • NoCodeSetup – helps you find the right tools for your no-code app idea


Note that a number of courses listed below also have communities included