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A majority of people report not feeling confident about their financial position. Money is often listed as one of the biggest, if not the biggest source of stress for many people.

Developing your money skills and management can help you get more control of your situation and open up more options in your life and career. These courses will help you do that.

Budgeting Workshops – You Need A Budget

You Need a Budget – or YNAB as it’s frequently called – is a popular budgeting app that helps people gain control over their money. What makes YNAB particularly powerful is that is it is developed with an underlying method that empowers you to better manage your money. YNAB runs free live workshops to help you develop your budgeting skills. There is a free 34 day trial of the app so you can try it out alongside their workshops to see if it can help you.

Budgeting Basics – Inspired Budget

This free 6 day email course teaches you the basics of envelope budgeting and also comes with free printables like envelope templates and debt snowball tracker.

Money Skills – Marginal Revolution University

This free video-based course from George Mason University economics professors teaches you how to make better financial decisions in your life, including those related to investing, real estate, saving and your career. There are no prerequisites, so it’s suitable for beginners.

The 21-Day Financial Fast – Michelle Singletary

In this book, Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary teaches you how to break your undesirable spending habits with a 21 Day Financial Fast. She helps you plot a course to become debt-free and prepared for the future.

The Art of Money – Bari Tessler

Bari Tessler trained both as a bookkeeper and a somatic psychotherapist. She has brought her financial nous together with her understanding of holistic wellbeing. This book helps you understand your relationship with money to heal it and develop a system to manage your money in a way that works for you. She also has a year long course – called the Art of Money – that covers the book’s content in far more depth along with monthly calls and a supportive community.

The Finance Bar

The Finance Bar is paid membership that aims to help you achieve financial wellness. It is led by financial expert Marsha Barnes and includes monthly educational bundles on personal finance topics, sessions with guest experts, resource library, monthly challenges, community and 1-1 support.

Spending Fast Bootcamp – Anna Newell Jones

This PDF based course by Anna Newell Jones helps you get out of bad spending habits and a cycle of debt. It’s designed to be taken over a couple of days and will help you learn to budget and invest in your future.

Awesome Money Course – Money Peach

Chris Peach of financial site Money Peach developed this self-paced online course to help you learn how to plan your cash flow, save money, pay off debt and start building your wealth through investments.

Fearless Freelancer Small Business Money Skills – Hadassah Damien

If you run your own business or you’re interested in starting one, this course is designed for you! It will help you better understand how to manage your business finances including taxes and pricing. It’s online and self-paced so you can start anytime.

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