Learn Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the most popular areas of data science. It combines statistics and computer science to discover and build on predictive relationships (for example, creating a product recommendation system).

Here are some great resources to explore and develop your machine learning skills…

Machine Learning – Coursera

This course is taught by Andrew Ng through Stanford, who is also a co-founder of Coursera itself. In fact, it’s this course that originally led to the development of Coursera. This course is free and widely regarded as one of the best online courses on machine learning. It creates a great foundation for future more specialised learning.

Introduction to Machine Learning Course – Udacity

This course run by Katie Malone (Director of Data Science at Tempus Labs) and Sebastian Thrun (founder of Udacity and Google X Lab), aims to teach you the process of investigating data with machine learning, including key machine learning algorithms. It’s pitched at an intermediate level and requires some capability with Python.

Data Science: Machine Learning – edX

This course is run by Rafael Irizarry, who is Professor of Biostatistics at Harvard University. It goes through the basics of machine learning. As part of this course, you’ll get the chance to try out your skills by building a movie recommendation system.

Machine Learning – Codecademy

Codecademy has beginner friendly and intermediate courses on Machine Learning building on their Data Science courses. Note that many of courses aren’t free but require a paid subscription.

The Machine Learning Accelerator – Elite Data Science

This course focuses on real world practice rather than delving into machine learning theory. Instead of teaching things you might need one day, it focuses on a small set of the most common workflows that actual data scientists use on the job. The result is that you can learn those key workflows in a much shorter time (you could conceivably finish this course in a weekend) and give you a starting framework to undertake more advanced learning.

Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning – Coursera

This course introduces you to machine learning using Amazon’s AWS tools including Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


fast.ai has a mission to make deep learning, a subset of machine learning and artificial intelligence, as accessible as possible so they have developed a number of courses that they have made free to everyone. It’s a great resource to further with machine learning.

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