Learn Google Analytics

Because basic web analytics are available everywhere these days, it can be easy to assume you know what you’re doing when you look at Google Analytics for your website. Things never slowed down at Google Analytics, however, and while many platforms offer their own basic analytics, a visit to Google Analytics can make it seem like there are significant new features every time you’re away for a week or so.

These courses will get you started on the basics of Google Analytics and help you master some of the deeper insights it has to offer.

Analytics Academy – Google

Getting it straight from the horse’s mouth, Google have a short, free curriculum on how to use Google Analytics. They teach you from beginner to advanced, but don’t go into a lot of detail so may not cover exactly what you’re looking for. Google also offers free accreditation in using Analytics if you can pass their exam – it’s not hard and could make a nice addition to your CV.

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics – Moz

Moz do one thing really well, and that’s Search Engine Optimisation. Because SEO is nothing without good data underpinning it, they have a terrific introductory guide to using Google Analytics. They get you started from the very beginning, walking you through how to set it up all the way to how to read and use the reporting functions. To really get on top of SEO, you can also work through their more comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

Google Analytics: The Complete Guide – The Coloring In Department

The Coloring In Department are digital marketing experts and trainers, who currently focus on teaching Google Analytics. Their Udemy-hosted course has a highly detailed curriculum and, alongside stepping you through everything being a beginner to an advanced user, they provide you with usable templates to make using Analytics much quicker and easier.

Google Analytics Complete – Loves Data

This course also takes you from being a beginner to an advanced Google Analytics user. It has the same ‘work at your own pace’ asynchronous learning format many people find convenient, but for the slightly higher sticker price the instructors will also answer your specific questions.

Google Analytics Book – Gordon Choi

This wonderfully technical book from business analytics professional Gordon Choi starts you off with a general overview of analytics as a whole, before working through Google Analytics in depth. He has generously provided the book for free, as well as a huge number of other resources on his personal site. If you’re in Hong Kong he has a lot of tips and guides specific to local business as well.

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