Learn Goal Setting (and Doing)

We’re kicking off our 31 Days of Learning with Goal Setting (and Doing).

These awesome resources will help you get clear on your goals so you can achieve them!

Year of You program (BrillUp)

We made this one! šŸ„°

Year of You is a planning system and playbook that we created to help you identify and achieve your most brilliant goals (we call them Star Goals!).

Year of You helps you:

  • get clear on your sources of brilliance
  • identify your Star Goal that you will focus on
  • know your Top Priorities
  • develop a strategic action plan to achieve your star goal and grow your brilliance
  • and set up a system and schedule to turn your goals into actions every day

There are 10 modules and a perpetual planner. The Year of You planning system is undated so it can be used anytime in the year. You can start whenever you want!

You can also use the planner for any year in the future. Itā€™s a system that you can continue to use year after year to do your best work and share it with the world.

Year of You free Mini-Planner

You can get a free mini-version of the Year of You to help you smash your boundaries, own your brilliance and shine on a bigger stage.

This free mini-planner includes

  • a 30+ page Mini-Planner to help you create your Year of You plan
  • planning sheets that you can use any time in the year, in any year

Fresh Start – Amber McCue

If your goal is to start or grow your business, Amber McCue is a whiz at business planning that fits WITH your life – not against it.

The Fresh Start workbook is a step-by-step guide that will stop being indecisive and suffering from shiny object syndrome and move into strategic action.

You create a realistic action plan that will help you:

  • get more sales
  • double your revenue
  • work less + make more
  • stop the overwhelm
  • get focused
  • or go from side hustle to full-time entrepreneur!

The Anti-Planning Workshop – Elizabeth Goddard

If you’re the sort of person who finds planning overwhelming or constraining, then Elizabeth Goddard has created the Anti-Planning Workshop just for you!

In this 120-minute video workshop, Elizabeth teaches you the strategies she uses to achieve her business goals without the overwhelm of planning things to death and the frustration of having plans inevitably fall apart.

When you get the workshop, you’ll also get lifetime access to Elizabeth’s private student Facebook group (it’s a wonderfully supportive community) and her Monthly Office Hours to answer any questions.

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