Learn Data Science

Data Science is often seen at the top of hottest careers lists in recent years. As the amount of data created and collected grows exponentially, being able to work with that data and derive insights is becoming an increasingly valuable skill.

Data Science is a diverse field and can include a mix of statistics/mathematics, computer science, business, subject expertise and communication expertise – depending on the individual data scientist and the area that they are working in.

The most popular programming languages for data science are Python and R.

Here are some great courses to get started with this highly valued field…


Dataquest provides highly scaffolded, step-by-step lessons combining instruction and hands on practice. It uses an in-browser console where you can write and test your code without having to install anything on your machine. Dataquest’s unique difference is that it specialises in data science so everything that you learn focuses on training you to be a data analyst, data scientist or data engineer. You have a choice of using Python or R. You can try many of its introductory courses for free and there’s a premium subscription to access the complete course catalog and community support.

Data Science – Codecademy

Codecademy has a number of beginner friendly courses on data science using Python or R. Note that many of courses aren’t free but require a paid subscription.

Introduction to Data Science – Analytics Vidhya

This course steps you through using Python for data science and creating your first predictive model. It finishes the course with an introduction to machine learning.


BaseCamp run an intensive data science bootcamp based in Europe, but you don’t have to fly over there to learn from their considerable expertise. Fortunately, they also do online courses. You can choose individual data science courses or access all their courses with one monthly subscription.

Introduction to Data Science – edX

This free online course run by IBM through edX will you a good introduction to data science. If you want to go further with it, you can sign up to the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.

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