Learn Bubble Apps

Bubble.io is one of the most popular and powerful no-code apps. It lets you create interactive, multi-user web apps for desktop and mobiles without any or little code.

However with great power, also comes complexity. Bubble has a lot of learning resources on its site, which cover so much of what you might want to know. But because there is so much there it can be hard to know what steps to take first when you’re a beginner.

Bubble runs its own bootcamps for different levels. These are on the higher end of the price range for Bubble courses. They are also delivered as live online cohorts that run from 4 to 8 weeks.

Here are some indie courses that help you become more confident using Bubble to create your next app.

Bubble Crash Course

This course is currently available to preorder and is intended for those who are completely new to Bubble. By the end of the course, you should feel confident to build anything you want in Bubble – including marketplaces, social platforms, online stores and directories.

The course creators are active Bubble developers. Kieran Ball is the founder of LaunchMBA and Pablo Heredia is the founder of Bubble Makers.

Hello Guru – Bubble Certificate

Hello Guru’s Bubble Certificate course is designed for those who are new to Bubble. It walks you through creating a social network as your first app.

Buildcamp Bubble Build Camp

Gregory John is a best selling Udemy instructor who is now developing his own platform. Buildcamp provides tutorials and a community for no-code builders. He also runs a 6 week part time program to build your Bubble app in a cohort with other no code founders.

Zeroqode Lab

Zeroqode have monthly and lifetime memberships to their library of no-code courses, which heavily feature Bubble.

Coaching No Code Apps – Fast Track

Coaching No Code Apps’s Fast Track program is a standalone, structured course that teaches you how to use Bubble to build your first no-code app, from the ground up. It includes 11 modules with over 50 videos. It’s self-paced with lifetime access.

Coaching No Code Apps – VIP Membership

If you know generally how to build a Bubble App, Coaching No Code Apps’ VIP Membership is a knowledge vault of 250+ lessons on enhancing your existing Bubble app.

Coaching No Code Apps – API Video Bundle

This course helps you to power up your Bubble app to access other apps and services via APIs. In includes 14 in-depth video lessons covering everything from understanding APIs and knowing when to use them, to connecting your app to tools like Slack, Stripe, Google and more. It is intended both for those new to the Bubble platform as well as those who are more experienced.

NoCode APIs

Mariel Vargas (who also runs Bubble’s own bootcamps) and Neil Pierce (who is a Bubble developer) have created an advanced program on mastering APIs in Bubble. It’s currently available to preorder as a membership with limited seats.

The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance

Once you’ve created your Bubble App, this ebook will introduce you to the more advanced topic of how to scale your application and ensure that it is set up for optimal performance.