31 Days of Learning

If you’re stuck for ideas for something to learn, we’re going to be selecting a skill every day this month and curating some awesome online courses and resources to help you learn or improve that skill.

We’ll be looking at a wide variety of useful and fun skills – from things that can help you with your career, build your expertise and improve your productivity to life skills and hobbies.

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Day 1: Learn Goal Setting
Day 2: Learn Python
Day 3: Learn JavaScript
Day 4: Learn Ruby & Rails
Day 5: Learn HTML & CSS
Day 6: Learn Command Line
Day 7: Learn Text Editors for Coding
Day 8: Learn Vim
Day 9: Learn Git & GitHub
Day 10: Learn SQL & Databases
Day 11: Learn Markdown
Day 12: Learn Regular Expressions
Day 13: Learn Mathematics for Programming
Day 14: Learn Statistics
Day 15: Learn Excel
Day 16: Learn Google Sheets
Day 17: Learn Data Science
Day 18: Learn Google Analytics
Day 19: Learn Machine Learning
Day 20: Learn WordPress
Day 21: Learn Squarespace
Day 22: Learn Shopify
Day 23: Learn Product Management
Day 24: Learn User Experience
Day 25: Learn User Interface Design
Day 26: Learn Digital Marketing
Day 27: Learn Copywriting
Day 28: Learn Video
Day 29: Learn Personal Branding
Day 30: Learn Money
Day 31: Learn Self Care