5 Brilliant Skills to Boost Your CV

Want to boost your CV with some new skills?

Here are 5 skills that are extremely useful to have, whatever field you’re in, AND will also look great on your CV!

1. No-Code

If you wanted to build an app or an automation, you used to have to be a good programmer. But that’s no longer the case! There’s been an explosion of no-code tools like Bubble and Zapier (and more being launched daily) that let you create all sorts of powerful applications to improve your workflow or launch a new startup.

But with so many different tools, you might think that learning no-code could take a lifetime to learn. Fortunately, there are fundamental skills and a mindset that transfer across tools. So learning no-code is more about learning about the different types of tools available and how to creatively apply them to solve problems.

No-code skills give you superpowers that can be used to improve any aspect of your work, business and life!

Find no-code courses or read more about ways to learn no-code.

2. Video

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for engagement, education and promotion. Yet so few people feel confident that they can create and use videos professionally.

Being on camera and all the associated skills like video editing can seem daunting. But just remember they are just skills and you can learn them!

Not only is adding video to your skills toolbox a super booster for your CV, but it can also help you with improving your communications confidence more generally.

Find courses to improve your video skills or read more about ways to learn video.

3. Copywriting

Another highly valuable communications skill is copywriting. Copywriting is the writing you see in marketing or advertising content that aims to encourage people to try or buy goods or services.

Learning copywriting isn’t just useful for a career in marketing, but it will help you become a clearer and more persuasive writer.

Find courses to improve your copywriting skills or read more about ways to learn copywriting.

4. UX

UX or User Experience skills help you better understand and design how people choose, use and experience a product or service.

It’s a broad field with heaps of specialisations, but learning general UX principles and skills can deeply improve anything you create that impacts other people.

Read more about ways to learn UX.

5. Python

Programming skills are still very much in demand. But you don’t have to want to change careers and become a software engineer to benefit from learning some coding skills. Knowing a bit of coding helps to demystify what’s involved behind the scenes in the technology we use everyday. Learning some programming skills can help you to be more digitally literate and confident with utilising technology.

Python is one of the best coding languages for a beginner to learn as there are excellent resources available and a large supportive community. And it’s also a powerful language that’s used in advanced applications like AI and data science, so if you decide to keep going with it the sky’s the limit!

If you’re new to coding, learning it might seem too hard but learning the basics of coding is much easier than you might think – especially if you have a good guide!

Here are some ways to get started with learning the basics of Python.